Introduction to me





Welcome to my first blog post. I have been sat here racking my brain, to what my first blog post should be about- I couldn’t decide whether it should be witty or straight to the point. I decided in the end, that for my first post I should introduce myself.

My name is Rohela Raouf, I have worked as a business analyst for the last four and I love it.  I have worked in various large and complex project across the technology landscape. I have worked in big data programs as a data analyst, as well in Agile programmes as business analyst/user research/product owner or even as a delivery manager.

So, what is my blog about, I hear you asking. Well, it is not a dry or a boring guide to how and what a business analysts does in a day to day working environment. My blog is about how I view the world as a business analyst. I believe being a business analyst is a vocation and not merely a job- you’re either a business analyst or not.

As, christmas is fast approaching around the corner I can tell you that a true business analyst will be carrying out SWOT analysis to which supermarket they are going to order their shopping from.  My blog is for those business analysts as well as people who are new to this world.

I hope you will join me on my journey to introduce the world to business analysis.




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