Book recommendations

There are so many books that are available around the business analysis space, sometimes it can be hard to determine, which book you should read. I will add the books that I recommend that you read.


Game storming by Dave Gray,Sunni Brown and James Macanufo
Game Storming


This book should be part of every BAs toolkit. The first section of the book talks through the theory behind the different techniques. Helpfully, the techniques are into split into different sections:

Core Games – games that work well in any situation
Opening – For opening ideas and groups. Not a start of a meeting but rather the first meeting or the first meeting about something
Exploring – For discovering ideas or processes
Closing – For bringing a conclusion to a project or coming up with follow on tasks
Putting Gamestorming into work – a really useful section on how to use some of the techniques for a given scenario.

I have  found that games and thought experiments are the best way to get people involved and motivated to contribute to product design, but coming up with new ways to engage can be a difficult research project. Hence, the reason why this book has been a life saver for me